I am sick of Women 🤬🤬🤬

So the time has come for the rant that will see 50 % leave, unless they already have after my many posts about sexy young attractive women 😍😍 But enough is enough, while I drive around listening to radio bla bla, all I hear is women dont get this and women dont get that, and as much as that may be the case, its not just women ! For years as a Union steward and as a youth worker the fight has been the same, women get tested for breast cancer, but men dont get tested for prostate or testicular cancer at any age. The is also the constant argument for equal pay, Im sorry in my experience low paid is just low paid and the fact that most low paid jobs are done by women doesnt always mean discrimination, men getting into these care sectors or low paid jobs also comes with its own stigmas and discrimination by there female bosses. Just recently there has been a uproar regards PPE and how it doesnt fit the female figure, yep thats right it also doesnt fit the fat middle aged figure to or the short male or tall male its not deliberate. Why is it always women on the news talking about having babies and how there affected, what about us men ? Just because we dont give birth doesnt mean it doesnt effect us ! I would love to see both sexes on a level playing feild in sport, buisness and life but the truth is finances are not level and probably never will be. If everytime we keep highlighting the difference we will just get further apart, some golf courses in Europe have no sex related tee boxes all groups play off there handicap tee, is that not a better way of looking at life ? I look at this virus and it effects us all, but the first thing we do is categorise it, now it effects middleaged males more ? How many men have been on the news demanding equal rights ? How many have said that PPE should be better for middle aged men ? How many have said middleaged men show stay at home ?


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