How cheap ?? 🤑🤑🤑

After waiting what seemed a eternity I got into my accommodation, which is simple but good. My plan for today was to get settled go to the shops and then head off for the @herochallengegolf which is being staged at the Yas marina circuit. Since I have been here and I am staying in Khalifa city I have been amazed by the amout of work being carried out, the buildings and roads are amazing, but I wish they had done the paths first. This is a driving city and the cars reflect the price of fuel. From big American muscle cars to v12 4x4 Toyota land cruisers this place has them all, the best thing is the taxis 😮 I paid £5 for a coffee which is about 23 dirhams, the equivalent taxi would probably take me 10 km maybee more. So my No 1 recommendation is use the taxi system when in Abu Dhabi to get to a central point, it really is cheap and easy as most of the time you can flag them down, or they will toot and stop 👍

So after all the shopping and walking in circles my general opinion is all good 👍 the local people all speak good english and are really helpful. I then set off for Yas Island where as I later found out has a free shuttle bus system which takes you to all the major attractions like the

@farrariworld @yasmarinacircuit @yasbeach and more. This is a great looking place with more being built every day. The buildings are already iconic and im sure will be the setting for many a james bond film 🤓

The Hero challenge itself was as always a relaxed event which you could get in for free, and see the best golfers in the world have a little fun. The sponsors have made a massive impact on golf bringing events all over the world and supporting major tournaments like India which would struggle otherwise.

I did wear my costume and have a little fun, as similar to the golfers come Thursday it will be hard work for me and everyone who comes together to make these tournaments happen. I was also lucky enough to meet @Lucy Robson again and offered her my seat, I know true gent 🤣 she is playing in the pro am tomorrow so will catch up again there. Pro am and practice day tomorrow, can't wait 😍😍🦖🦖⛳


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