Happy Australia day

Watching on TV cannot convey the real truth feel and atmosphere of a situation, today I was all over the course doing live interviews and watching the best struggle with some horrible weather. The leaders fell and 2 players came from the pack with great rounds in the conditions,

I followed them in and then was sent to the players lounge to film them watching and waiting to see who else might be in the play off. The players lounge itself is special with roast beef, pasta and cakes galore. Both players zoned out in there own way til they needed to warm up, down to the range for more live action and now it was cold, not Newcastle cold but the temperature has dropped significantly. Jackets on the players head of to the putting green, both are very serious while trying to stay relaxed.

The rules offical picks them up and zooms them to the tee, meenwhile I stay in position with Tim Barter ready for the winners interview, we can see the players back on the fairway. Christian lays up but Lucas pulls out the wood and goes for it like a true aussie....splash water found and after Christian hits his 3rd to 20 ft its nailed on for him to win. Lucas's ball went into the water in a horrible place, but the drop zone saves his life but its still not a easy shot, hit it to close and it could spin back into the water, to far and its a tricky 2 putt. The aussie stiffs it to a foot matchplay at its finest, now Christians putt looks a little longer. They halve the match but Christian must have thought he had done enough, back to the tee and same as before but this time its Christian that faulters so its game on for Lucas, the aussie who has a swagger like Dustin Johnson, takes his chance. The winner and whats even better his caddy, last year he was sacked at this event by Christian and for the past 2 weeks Lucas has been offering everyone his caddies job.

I do the interview where his best comment was to get a hangover Congrats Lucas Herbert. This sees another great tournament come to a end and now its off to Saudi, cant wait 👌


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