Golfing widows!!

When I am out and about marshalling or working for the TV, I am lucky enough to meets the friends and family of the golfers. Most of them stand out a mile as they stand away from the crowd and are in front of the players, they also seem to dress more appropriate. But after we chat and gossip things all become similar, living out of suitcases, spending weeks away in strange a hot countries and struggling with the local language. People think like footballers life is all glam, but like a person said to me today "once you have seen one hotel, most are all the same" you can put posh biscuits or chocolate out, but there will always be a bible in the drawer and a corby trouser press 🤣 so while the golfers play or the footballers train what do the partners do? Well most of the time work, just because there partner makes a few quid, Bill's still have to be paid and children still need to be looked after. The life of a golfer is a nomadic one and success doesn't just offer money, but the opportunity to choose what events you play, and that has a massive impact on friends and family life. The balance is a hard one to make and there have been many great pros who have given up the game, as the sacrifice is to great.


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