Getting ready for the players ?

The golf season has just ended, sort of ? So now we need to look at next year. For those that are looking to marshal, the players has started their applications and I would imagine other tournaments will also soon look towards applications. Most of the time the process takes ages, so dont be disheartened if you dont get a email the next day. Marshalling is similar in alot of events so why not think outside the box, European Championship football next summer, athletics maybee even swimming galas at your local pool. All of these thing will give you more experience and dealing with different situations and venues. Remember being a marshal or volunteer isnt only for retired, or cadets give it a go. As for the golf you will have to figure out logistics, some events have golf tournaments for the marshals either before or after the tournament, I also have attached a link for a possible Volunteers tournament with some great prizes, and also a great way to meet like minded people. With Brexit on the never ending horizon if you are going to travel abroad you might need to make extra arrangements, but like most travel companies I would always try and pay on a credit card as you are normally covered for any issues. The past few months for me have given me a understanding of how good the airport lounges are, and you can either pay or some come free with American Express so check that out, and how a good pair of headphones can make for a better journey on plains. Also I am starting to realise that 5 pairs of shoes might be a little to much, and you can never have to much sun lotion. Most of all what I have learnt is that its a big world out there with some amazing food and places to visit so go and enjoy. Below volunteers invatational on Facebook


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