Get a Grip 👊👊

So I am a bit of a grip obsessive, I change my grips more often than I change my shoes. There is so much choice and diversity, and it is one of the easiest jobs that you can do. So what type this week ? 😂 Well I have always been a fan off the wrap style and golfpride have some really nice ones at the minute. There is also the putter grips, in classic fast show mimic "this week I will be mostly using a big fat one" but seriously again there is so much choice. Look around ask to feel other peoples grips, ask them where they got it, gamola golf and adore grips are 2 good websites. !!WARNING!! Do not purchase cheap imitations from the internet. They are exactly that poor quality and sometimes hazardous imitations. Getting a new set of grips can feel like getting a new set of clubs.


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