First 2 days have been as Tiger would say "really tough"

This week I have another role in the TV assistant remit ( pole pointer !) Doesn't sound much but its very hard and demanding work when the action starts.

I have been working with the in course commentators for sky doing live from the range and post round interviews, as well as a little live action from the course. So what have I seen and heard, well most player's are in agreement that the course is tough, both setup wise and how the greens and rough is. I have watch players land in the fringe of the greeen only for their ball to fall off the other side.

There has been some big scores for those not finding fairways, but for the player who are doing ok, its time to give youraelf a.massive pat on the back, and boy do they when it comes to interviews Im amazing my golfs amazing, all super positive words and thoughts. Players are very superstitious, so anything that has had a negative effect in the past ( like interviews) means no. That also works in reverse win today in blue socks, wear blue socks every Sunday. The main point from all of this is golf is all about attitude, your thoughs effect what you see, like your feeling bad you will only see rough, you fewl good fairways and greens. This is where the great players have the ability to shake of those negative vibes from day to day and hole to hole. Tommy Fleetwood shot +3 yesterday which wasn't really that bad, some players would follow that with another but not Tommy -7 today on one of the toughest courses on the European tour.

Lee Westwood the same, poor day yesterday and a bad start, but lee turned it around to shot -4 and make the cut. The weather is set to be quite comfortable so let's see who tames this beast if a course.


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