"Experience is the teacher of all things" julius caesar quote, a long time ago 👍

Both day 2 and day 3 at the Italian open have been as beautiful as a italian masterpiece. The skies are blue and the sun was hot, so that's enough weather 👍The golf however has been, well mixed ! What I can say for sure is fairway is king, anything either way is in big trouble and I have seen some big numbers this week, however in the fairway the course is actually quite simple, not many hazards apart from a few trees and the odd italian 😉. Oh but I did forget to say that some of the fairways have massive side slopes so sometimes even if you hit a good shot it will still get punished. The biggest change I have seen so far is the Marshals, they are trying to learn how to do things when the Ryder Cup comes to Rome in 2022, but one event isn't much experience. Also alot of international marshals are at this event with the hope of making the 2022 team. The main problem is that you cannot have learners teaching learners, big events need experience and people need to be tought by experienced people. The shuttle bus service for example is so poor and is only catering for 20 to 30 people, come 2022 it will be 20 to 30 thousand people. If this truly is a trial run then I'm sorry but things aren't looking great, apart from the fact everything does look great. Also we need to talk Brexit !! Whatever happens with our exit I can tell you now the Italians are wat hing with baited breath, they also want to leave and ready to go. I'm no mystic meg but I would hold off booking tickets to Rome until the year itself, Adare Manor, or Wentworth are meant to be on stand by but who know what rumours are true. Rome really would be a great Ryder Cup venue like gladiators at the Coliseum, but I hope the chariots aren't driven by Ben Hurr. 😉👌🦖


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