Excited for the future

I have just started to make my arrangements for wentworth BMW PGA and the italian open in Rome. This starts a new chapter within my life and it does have some complications. I have a friend that works for team redbull f1 and although it sounds glamorous it is far from it. Booking flights, rooms and travel (economy) all cost and the impact upon family life can be significant. It does take a certian type of person to live the nomadic life, and its no coincidence that as a ex forces I am one, the other type are those that are driven to succeed. We can stay at home content with day to day, or we can use the potential that every person has. I needed the boot up the arse and Im not sure if its going to work, what I do know is that I have given it a shot and thats important. Wentworth is a amazing place and the feild is awsome, mainly due to the schedule change and maybee the cash 😂😂. Rome looks great to and I was lucky to be there a couple of weeks ago, so that should be good to.


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