Dubai is where its at people

I have only been travelling for a short period of time and when I started this blog it was always to tell you how it is. Im not paid by golf Dubai or travel dubai or anything else so dont think my views are tainted, Dubai is amazing plain and simple, the UAE is amazing. I was afraid of peoples attitudes and cultures from the outset, I wasnt sure whether I should wear this type of clothes or speak to anyone. I though the middle east would be lacking in my everyday comforts, well I was wrong and in a big way, lets answer the questions I worried about myself.

1. Speaking to the locals, English is pretty much the second/first language of most of the UAE. If you want to speak with people then there is no issue as long as you are polite. Most signs, roads and shops all cater for English language, even the taxi driver was using his satnav in english 🤣🤣

2. Food. There is more food outlets and malls than most countries I have visited, unlike continental Europe where shops are small independent businesses here in the UAE its brands baby. You will find them all and more.

3. Cost. Well everyone says how expensive things are but lets put things into perspective, the average wage is higher than ours so similar to europe and other places certian luxury items are more expensive, I have a KFC meal for 34 dirhams which when you divide by 4.5 ( exchange rate) is £8 which is similar to uk prices. There are exceptions though like alcohol and chocolate !I know, but many bars have a happy hour which drops the price alot.

4 Transport. So today I have used Dubai metro system which is so easy and cheap to use, I big thing to remember do not go in pink or gold areas which are clearly marked on the floor, these are reserved for women and children. The taxis as I have said in previous blogs are dirt cheap, so if you get stuck just get a taxi.

5 attractions. This is the one where I am a little torn, today I have been in the Dubai mall and the burj Khalifa both of these are free and you can see and do quite alot including the fountains, the sharks and the waterfalls. But like other landmarks if you want to experience these then you will need to pay £70 plus but if you can pre book on the internet I think you can save quite a bit.

All in all for a city which has only been built over the past 2 decades it is truly amazing, the metro drives past the golf course and stops at most major attractions. The fountain is awesome and the burj khalifa is unreal. My accommodation was reasonable from Airbnb and the flights are also quite cheap and comfortable from Emirates. I will update after my adventures in Atlantis tomorrow but dubai gets a big 👍


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