Donald Trump can't stop me

Well with days to go my journey to the Middle east has become a little more serious. As with all trips I have googled, watched YouTube and generally absorbed the internet, so not to get arrested or cause offence while in the arab world. I still cant wait and buy all accounts most of the countries I will visit have good security, but there is some risk so some activities and trips wont be happening this time around but this is only the beginning. My will include the issues I am having at the moment like getting certian currencies is impossible without pre ordering weeks before ( saudi riyals) also checking baggage allowances properly. Yes I have just found out that on Emirates flights only 1 hand luggage is allowed and it can only weigh 7kg so my plan of putting heavy stuff in and saving weight in my checked in baggage has gone poop, but my mistake could be your gain.

Oh and while I remember, plugs ! yep Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi all have different plugs. I know these all seem minor issues but get them wrong and it could cost you a few quid. Last and not least write down, "what pen and paper?" Yes write down essential phrases, bus routes, rough prayer times and maybe a diagram of where you are staying. Phones run out of charge, service providers are different and sometimes its just simpler to show someone. The best advice I can give is to speak to people or read blogs, I have picked a friends brains (martin) for the past few weeks, cheers I can tell you my first appearance with the T rex will be the Hero Challenge, which is taking place at the yas marina on Tuesday 14th jan, hopefully I wont upset to many people and my homage to the darts will go down well 喇喫


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