Doha and Education city golf club. 

Well Im here, the venue for the 2022 world cup, the place everyone said it shouldnt be. My travels have taken me to many places and many golf clubs, both new and old. I can say withoit bias that Education city golf club is one of the best build and advanced clubs I have ever seen.

Have a look on youtube where you will see its centre of excellence which offers everything thing you could ever want. But what impressed me the most is its forward thinking, there is a foot golf course specially built, a 9 hole floodlit par 3 course and a 6 hole floodlit championship course, and of course driving range and hospitality. You might be watching the golf and the TV and it is a nice as it looks and there a many tee options so it would suit most golfers.

In fact the course is a great representation of the area of Doha. New but forward thinking, amazing architecture and designs and unlke Dubia its not copying our buildings, its making its own stamp just like the club house at the golf club beautifully modern and crisp. The football pitches that are getting built look unbelievable, all with air conditioning and comfort.

The people are also modern thinking while still practicing traditional religious values, women can choose what to wear and all have been really helpfull and nice. I am staying at the premier inn in education city which offer all you need as well as a costa in the lobby. The malls have everything you could imagine, and day by day more places and activities are being built, from ice rinks to escape rooms.

I would say Qatar offers more Art, architecture and thing to do than Dubia and Abu Dhabi, the world cup is foing ro be amazing and the fact it will be winter in the UK makes perfect sense to get away. But I have saved the best till last, Golf prices are significantly cheeper than Spain and Portugal and does include buggies, with rounds for around £100 and club hire for less than £40. So why not consider Qatar and Doha when your sitting at home in -3 temps ??


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