Does anyone know what month it is ? 

I look outside and all I see is blue sky and sunshine ! But what is strange is thats all I have seen since this all began? Anyhow golf is officially back on well sort off as long as its just 2 balls and the ball doesn't go in the hole and bunkers aren't raked and well to be honest is it still golf ? With no comps or handicaps is this just not a bigger practice? Which makes me wonder about fees and visitor's would you pay £100 to mess about on a course ? But my biggest worry apart from all that is going to be with out doubt all the wankers who have been using the course as campsites, dog walking areas, picnic places and family gatherings, I wouldn't be surprised when the policed get called to many courses as people now think they have the right to be on private property or not bother with bridle paths or walkways.

This past month for me and my family has been extremely sad, but like many things over the past few months has given opportunity to realise what is important, and now golf is back the real part of this sport this hobbie is actually the community and the social aspect of our game. Sure we play alone, but we play together, to beat or just meet our friends. I think this is true of many things we are missing now whether it is sport or entertainment, we are social animal's and being together makes things better. I agree we should try to carry on but like some I think events like the Rydercup and the Olympics should not take place without us. I have put on a few posts on social media regards the lockdown and golf, the response is amazing. So many countries didnt stop golf or restrict it, some are still on lockdown !.

Spain and Portugal are starting to open but given that there countries rely on british golfing tourists, and unlees they drop prices for locals it will be hard for the resorts to stay afloat. I was looking forward to the Irish open which was schedule for the end of this month and then later this year the Open as well as others, but like not knowing what month it is I dont know what to look forward to !I need to lose weight and do more exercise but for what and when? I'm sure there are lots of people like me at the minute just waiting for some kind of big kick up the arse or date for the apocalypse but nothing just blue skys and good weather, what season is it ?


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