Dont panic I'm here 🦖🦖⛳⛳😜

So 8hrs, 3 vodkas, 2 films, 1 dinner and a coffee later Im here in sunny Dubai, or not as the case maybee. Its 2 in the morning and Im waiting in the lobby for a metro, just watching the world go by. Ive already had 3 massive shocks ;

1 the coffee is £5 and thats expensive even for a airport,

2 some of the toilets involve squats 😥😥

3 and please check, phone calls start at £5 a minute OMG.

This place is massive, the flight from newcastle had hundreds of passengers and there are 3 terminals? This really is the gateway to the world, and for your info not a single issue with the visa thing 5 mins tops and everything was orderly and quick. But like other airports this one is the same, people with boxes taped up, families with tired and grouchy parents, beautiful air hostess in small gangs like a pop group and most importantly the seats are crap ! Deliberately engineered so you cant sleep but almost get comfy, genius ! The weather is 22 degrees and its January in the night ! Thats the problem with the newcastle flight, you get here at 12.30AM so what to do ? Im not sure I want to go all Tom Hanks and start building fountains but there must be something ! All in all everything is good and I will soon be setting off for Abu Dhabi 2 hrs on a bus, this really is planes trains and automobiles 🤣🤣 Its strange but Im 44 soon !! And I feel like a child helpless, especially as I dare not use my phone 😜😜 seriously £5


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