Cook from frozen!!

Scotland I love you but last week was both wet and cold, the links of carnoustie was amazing ! watching McIlroy, Timberlake, Rose as well as many others was tops, but also catching up with a few volunteer friends from gleneagles was really nice. I must also admit a little jealous as the tournament look after the volunteers really well, providing them with good wax waterproof jackets, balls and vouchers 👏👏👏 dunhill. Working on the dunhill has been great, hopefully next year I will do St Andrews and work the final day. So now to warmer climates Italy and Rome, I have been watching the weather for weeks 24deg doent look bad. After only being in Rome with my wife 2 months ago I am really looking forward to going back, the city is crazy and anything goes, especially on the roads 😉😉 but good food and culture should make a good week. The course itself is a hour outside the city, similar to paris so for those that will be going to the Ryder cup in 2022 take note. Looking for places to stay is also a minefield, there are lots of hostels with poor ratings and some of the hotels are a little dated. There are loads of guides about Rome, eating in Rome and of course tourist attractions, which are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. See you soon Roma 👍😃😃


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