Committee's and cliques will destroy clubs 🤬🤬🤬

I get it golf is all about tradition and honour and bla bla bla bollo🤬🤬. Enough, what does a committee do? Does it tell qualified greens keepers how to cut grass? does it tell experienced waiter's and barstaff how to serve ? Maybee the treasurer tell accountants how to look after money ? Seriously what do they do apart from enjoy free membership, and believe they have the entitlement to do whatever they want in the golf club!! It is this old fashioned jobs for the boys attitude which is causing clubs to fail. A example would be if your course needs work, we have to ask the committee at the next meeting, duh by the time the meeting is done the members have left. Should we allow children on the course, when the committee members are aged over 50 and they fear for there 2 o'clock tee time what do you think will happen. Being a committee member should be about encouraging young, old women and all people to your golf club. Making sure that people are looked after and welcomed when they join, not about having port and cheese from members subs while greens are flooded. When will some clubs get the point if you dont learn you wont have a f🤬🤬🤬ng club..


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