Cold November Rain.....

Today I feel as low as a vegans skin tone, its wet wet wet but there is no love all around me. I cant play golf so all I have done is listen to 80s and 90s music, I will Ride on time, and wait for the next train to mumu land. But Im sexy and I know it, so I do have a plan to go to the range and hit some balls. I think the other problem is that the golf on the TV is all from hot beautiful countries and they kinda rub it in your face, look at me Im in the sun 😜😜. Not too worry as soon I will be planning my future travels with the European tour Productions. I watched Mr hatton win on sunday, but it was a bittersweet symphony for me, I had backed Mr kitayama who should have won !🤬 but it was interesting watching them play under false light ? Not sure if I like it ! what last week did show is that Mr Swaab, Kitayama, Arnous and Van Rooyen are ones to watch 👀 dont forget that this week is south Africa where Mr Van Rooyen hails from 🤑🤑 well as bowie said we could be heroes and who knows maybee Mr Westwood will defend his title ? What is scary is the pictures that have been coming through on Instagram from the players, from baboons to black mambas 😮😮 lets just say I would not want to be wide of the tee, Ive seen Jumanji 😜 well its time for me to get jiggy with it, jump in my little red corvette and head back to my house in the country. 👌👍🦖⛳


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