"Can't stand there mate"

What do you do when you marshal? well anything. Most events, not only golf are run on a tight budget and it is therefore a massive bonus for them to get as many roles as they can filled by volunteers. There are however a few roles that will always be carried out by paid professionals like security and health and safety. This being said most golf events require the following

1. Hole marshal, this involves looking after a particular hole and could involve spotting, working on the tee box or working on the green. A Lot of golf tournaments give holes to local clubs, the best example of this is the Open which always uses local clubs to marshal each hole.

2. Mobile marshal, this role is a supportive role walking with the players as they play their round. The Mobile marshal will help bolster the hole marshal in the event that the players have a large crowd following them, the best example of this is Tiger woods.

3. Walking scorer, this is a great role walking with the players and keeping track of their scores for the spectators to see. It is however hard work, but is often recognised by the players and has not been unknown for a sign ball or two.

4. Scorer, each match or group will have a scorer. this is recorded on a handheld device which would then get relayed back to the head Marshals.

5. Anything else, depending upon the event there may be a need for drivers, hospitality, sponsors, guides literally anything.

There is a marshal handbook that demonstrates good practise and what we can and can't do.

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