Can I get that door for you ?

In 1996 I was a member of Her Majesty Armed Forces, I was on tour in bosnia and had a serious accident, I was flown back to the uk had some operations. My injury was not as serious as many others, but I was young and it had quite a impact on my life. But the biggest impact was a small act of non kindness. I was going home on my crutches through the great city of london. In the old days the trains would have heavy manual doors which the conductor would close before the train left. I had my leg in a cast and tried to get on the train, there were people in the carriage watching me struggle but non helped, I was so upset that from that day I said I will always get the door. Its one of the smallest acts of kindness but it makes a massive difference. Being a volunteer is just holding a door open for people so they can perform, compete or just do there normal activities. Most people dont want to get special treatment or looked down upon, they just want people to know that somethings are a little harder than others. Just remember to open doors 👍


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