Black Friday and Christmas can 🤬🤬🤬🤬 off

Sorry this is both a golf and lifestyle Rant. Yep its the most wonderfyll time in the year, my

F🤬🤬king arse is it !! 40 % this and 1000% that balls, its just golf gear that will get reduced again in January and then march, pre season sale, bla bla bla !! Heres a choice why not just reduced the price, yep thats it, stop charging £500 for a driver which no one will buy so that you can sell it for £300 and make people think they are getting a bargain, hmmm sounds like SCS to me. Drivers used to be £300 but companies realised that we were only buying clubs when they were on sale, sobthey just hiked the price up. But whats more annoying is the constant emails and texts telling me about this fake sale, quick dont miss out, final reductions, limited time. Leave me alone !! Christmas did used to be about nice things like family, and the Queens speech, now I wouldnt be surprised if there was a add during her speech letting us know about internet Wednesday, or f🤬🤬king really reduced sunday. Yep as you can tell Im full of the Christmas spirit 🤣🤣 no not really, in the next few days I will venture out, wander the shops in the hope I can pay double price for a toy my children dont need, just to find out during the queens speech its been reduced in the internet Wednesday sale. At the same time I will need to buy 16 loafs of bread as the zombie apocalypse might happen over the one bank holiday where the shops decide to close for 30 seconds and we might run out, and heaven forbid no chucky eggs on Christmas morning. I also know that Christmas for golfer's is the worst time of the year, if you think whats the first thing you do with pressies ? Play, and whats the one thing we cant do in winter. I just saying to family members, its a bit sick buying something that cant be used for months ! b🤬🤬🤬ards. Lets just hope that santa gets stuck in a bunker or losses his ball in the rough, cheating bugger probably got loads in his bag anyway. ⛳⛳😜😜🦖🦖


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