Behind every picture is a person.

Im a old man, new to the world of social media and stuff, but I know what men like, and thats beautiful women ! If these women happen to play golf and if they happen to be wearing less than most golfers then thats all good. Now many people may not agree, but my own personal interpretation is that this with the models consent, is although strange a working relationship, and that both parties get something from the pictures either cash or maybee fame. But after listening to Paige Renee Spiranacs podcast the difference from a glossy mag photo shoot to a personal and intimate picture is very different. You will all have your own opinion, some will say she gets her assets out and wears proactive stuff all the time whats the difference ? The difference is choice, when you model there is a detachment no real feeling its just a job, when you model,write something or do something for a loved one its personal between the parties envolved. Think what you want of Paige, but understand that behind the picture is a person who has feelings. Over the past few weeks I have seen people leave social media because of comments and actions by people who think they can say or do what they want. Lets try to use technology and media to bring us closer which is why it was designed not as a tool for stalkers and keyboard vigilantes. Enough said


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