Beautiful and sporty, but enough about me what about Bellaangelgolf and Lucy Robson 🤣🤣😉😉🦖⛳

Updated: Jan 16

Pro am day at the Abu Dhabi golf championship and what a way to start the week. Its no secret to say that I follow the best and the beautiful in the game of golf, and like most men in the UK lucy Robson and Bellaangelgolf are definitely worth following.

Both are young attractive women, with a intelligent attitude that will no doubt help them succeed in the future. The world of social media is a great platform for young men and women to use there skills, beauty and talent to carve a career which we all would like, but beware as it does take alot of work, dedication and time, also dont expect instant rewards or freebies.

But ! I hear you ask what about the girls ? are they all that ? hmmm yes they are 😍 👍I can honestly say no filters are required for these 2 ladies. They all played really well including Mike lorenzo vera who in my opinion is nearly as attractive as well, maybee its because he's french 👌I followed the group while I waited to get my Id for tomorrow and then caught up with them later. So from the beauty to the beast ! Bryson dechambeau is fucking and I use that term lightly massive, I mean big ! Arnie Swartz big 😮 he was hitting the ball miles, I could literally hear Brooks keopka crying behind me. The other pros like westy and poulter were being top pros, talking and helping there groups which is important. People may not be aware but a pro am is like a date or first kiss, things go right and people come back for more 😍😍 and when those people are HSBC or ROLEX then its kinda important. Pro ams give sponsors a chance to play and develope relationships within golf and without it all tours would struggle. I have put some swings on my YouTube channel golfdaft, you should take a look and or course subscribe for more. Its going to be a top week, the weather is set for 25 degrees with little wind, lots of players have switched caddies new for old or old for new. Some players have also switched golf club manufacturers, like Matt Wallace who has moved to Callaway from @ping, similar to Pepperell this is a big change for a player so lets see how he progresses. Well I need to be up for 5am or 1am UK time so its best I get some sleep #livingthedream 😅😅


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