Ban Trainers 🤬🤬

Im not old or against comfort, but I am sick of training shoes on the golf course. There is literally no difference between a normal trainer and a golf one, its bloody stupid and people are getting hurt because of inappropriate footwear. Just because it says golf shoe doesn't me it will give you grip during the winter season. This is just the start, I like fashion and clothes more than most but jogging pants on a golf course just looks stupid, hoodies are meant for the streets not the fairways, shall we all start wearing our hats side ways and wearing hightops ?? Seriously get a 🤬🤬🤬🤬 grip. This is like the poker sceen, just because people were wearing hoddies on TV, everyone needed to look like a dick. Ahh to hell with it let the cricketers play in pink shorts next ashes and footballers wear gloves in summer FFS. Sorry to go on but when you go to play golf and it looks like a episode of Geordie shore 👎👎👎


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