As he slipped on his rubber gloves, the last words I remember were " I'm going in deep !"

Hi Im back and even better Im back doing golfy stuff, as we all keep hearing times have changed, its a new world bla bla bla. Yep we all know the world in absolutely knackered but qhat about the golf ? Well the European tour has waited, watched and learned from the PGA tour and I can guarantee it will be better. From the outset the numbers onsite have been absolutely slashed to the bare minimum, no more celebrity faces or strange men in Dinosaur costumes. I wasnt able to get on the TV crew this time, and by the sounds of the rules that have to adhere to I kinda glad. First you have to get tested, everyday your required to be checked and fill in questionnaire and when you finnish work its back to the hotel, and that is for everyone period. So for those that are not here, they have been replaced with the super beautiful and busy cleaning crew 😉 Im just saying they are in and out of the toilets that much its quite hard to have a pee ! There sole purpose is to wipe, like daniel sun in the karate kid Im sure in a gew weeks they will all be black belts or something. If that wasnt enough there are plenty of officals making sure the players avoid all fun unless its over 2 meters, no seriously 😒 It has become the worlds largest warehouse and everyone is a health and saftey rep, but needs must and all of the sacrifices that the people involved are making is for you the viewer. I know you will all be saying but My Wylie he lives there ? No matter he is restricted as well, and has been tested like everyone else.

The course is perfect and all the player's are looking forward to playing, caddies not so, as there might be a few hills !! But I think we are going to be in for a surprise, I can say first this is the strangest tournament for me with no fans its to quiet. Im sure this will effect the players for both good and bad, the fact that the players have to remain in the hotel again away from other player's and eat separately will again have different effects on the players. But unlike many tournaments this competition has players at the beginning of their career, major winners Rydercup Captains and previous champions. Some have travelled the lenght of the world, and some live next door, the weirdest thing is many have also been in lockdown so will have played Limited golf, in the UK we have been back playing for a few weeks but some countries never closed courses like Finland, however other have only just opened. The course as well suits a strategic player and not necessarily the bug hitter. Its been good to see a few friends and I recommend you watch the TV.


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