Are the R&A and USPGA ruining our game ?

You all will have seen by now the idea that the game will split into to factions, we in the UK have seen this before it was called the premiership football and the rest. We all know what and why CASH, the promise of a fairer more inclusive extra support for grass roots and all the rest of that bolloxs was exactly that BOLLOXS ! The recent changes in the rules are not for us, but more to speed up the golf on TV. The dropping at knee high for instance was originally going to be inch high ( place) not so that would help club golfers no, so it would make it quicker for TV. The changes a few years back regards the belly putter was based upon a few players on tv using a longer putter, no but it affected every amateur in the world.

Clubs across the world have seen increased bankruptcies and closures, the more you separate the game the less people will play, the more you change the equipment the less people will enjoy. The constant whinging about distance and drives is ridiculous, golf has evolved, people have evolved the only thing that hasnt are the courses that we play on. These players are athletes who train and practice more than any other time, and they have to because the competition is so strong and the rewards are so high. If you split the game then that will be the first stage to losing it, people still like to see players using the same equipment as they draw direct parallels to there own game. People buy equipment based on the players they watch and aspire to become. I watch the worlds best up close and personal, the main difference in there game is when not to hit it long. Great players are the ones who give themselves the best opportunity to score, not just smack drives and see what happens. Do not judge our game based on a few players on TV. Our game was always a amateur based sport, a friendly social event where people would play and wager dont ruin it.


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