And the Winner is ??

The desert, Arabic or middle east swing is about to start and for many professionals this will be there opportunity to build foundations sort out equipment and wear some outrageous clothes #vanrooyen ! But for you and me its also the chance to see who we will pick, back for the year to come. First however you must take all things into consideration

1. Life, this is without doubt the most important thing that effects all golfers, it doesnt matter if you swing like Rory if theres issues at home they follow you on the course. A good example was Ian poulter who struggled for a while until he got rid of his fashion business and calmed down on twitter, result a change in form and a win on the PGA tour. So with that in mind whats happening with golfers this year ? Well the main reason I have backed Rory this year is because he looks settled, and who knows maybee this is the year he becomes a father ! If he does double down 🤑🤑

2. Equipment, loads of golfers have made changes to clubs and drivers, but some have changed everthing remember Rose last year well the most interesting change for me this year is Pepperell. I play mizuno and I know many a Ping player, now don't get me wrong Ping drivers have always been my favourite and I will never change that but Ping irons are totally different from Mizuno and unless Eddy used to play Ping this is a massive move.

3.Time of the month, stats dont lie and if you wanted to make a few quid over the past 20 years then certian rules apply. Mickelson always plays well in the spring, Australian and south African players also feature well in the early season, probably because they play over winter, and same for us Europeans figure late summer and Autumn.

4. To close to home, last year Brooks Koepka made a great point, being close to home can be as much of a issue as a benifit. It is however player related so for instance Brooks likes to travel so he plays better away, Charles Howell stays mainly in America. Also the older the less this normally effects players.

5. You lucky lucky, every great player has had great luck. People always said that Tiger would always get lucky bounces, but if you play in the right areas your chances will always be better. The draw the weather is all chance, but its true the better players tend to get the better draw.

So who will win ?

Brooks would be a great choice, hes had plenty of time to rest and also played these courses at there worst on the European tour, Danny Willett showed some great form at the end of last year. Both Shane Lowery and Tommy Fleetwood are past winners, but my choice is #Pablo larrazabal a winner and runner up has been working hard on his game, and with his recent win is in good spirits. Go Pablo


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