America we are waiting ?

Tiger Woods has turned what would have been a shock result into another win for America, but what now for the American golf legacy ? Tiger without doubt changed the game, and made America the best and only real place to play golf. Recent new venues and competitions which include the FedEx are trying to boost lagging spectators and TV viewers, why ? because and lets be honest its boring.

Tiger played great golf that is true, but what he did the best was the impossible, shots you couldn't even do on his Game. And that is where the American golf is similar to his game, we have all hit the 300 plus drive, bent wedges around trees to inches and made 100 foot putts, and like tigers game nobody wants it anymore. So how does America become great again ? Maybe the option is a champion league of golf, where we take the best from each tour, the major winners and have one big golf tournament ! or maybe America puts more gravitas into the areas each golfer comes from. I have previously commented om how we could change the design of golf courses to something modern or maybe give people at home actual virtual seats with the players, so they could be at the event ! how good would that be ? The biggest issue I see at the moment, and this is just my opinion, is that while places like Dubai and China are developing and growing fast, America is quite happy to stay where it is.

For example could you imagine night golf in America,or foot golf? So if America cant change the course or the competitions then maybe look at the players ? the problem is they are damned by there own success. Most young players want to go to america to be part of the collegiate system as it is probably the best in the world, then they play on the mini tours and get used to a standard of living. The problem is great players are world travelers! its a proven fact, and there is no better example than Brooks Koepka played on the European tour and the moved up, Tiger is and was the same traveled the world and learnt his trade. Don't get me wrong there is always the exception to the rule but if America wants to be the best in the world, then its the world they must beat. People may say what has America got to do with our game, well equipment for a start ! there are very few independent golf manufactures in the UK and Europe, lots of major tournaments are sponsored by American companies even though you may think them English owned. Coverage ! lots of what sky does I would imagine gets sold back to the Americans as well as the viewers from overseas, and of course its the players. When Tiger comes to a tournament he makes it a event, numbers quadruple and therefore revenue also increases. We need the Americans more than they need us, which is why we wait to see what they do


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