All Roads Lead to Rome !! But its easier to get the plane ✈

2022 Rome Italy is the venue for the Ryder Cup, but this year it's the venue for the Italian open. I will give you a few tips as I travel to the great city. First things first, as you can see from above I have made a little phrase sheet or you can use a translation app, however please note using the apps might need data and signal. Medications in European countries tend to be expensive and only sold in pharmacies, so spend 30p on paracetamol now and save €5 later. Tags and bags! Make sure that all bags are tagged with emergency contact, also ensure that hand luggage has your information on as well. Most house insurance covers your stuff when away but specific holiday insurance would be better, with the onset of Brexit there might be a requirement to have and prove you have insurance. Now remember you will be in a golf course but !! Most of the time you won't be so get comfortable shoes, Rome is a amazing place to visit and all things are easy to walk to.


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