Advice or enforce?

Well if your like me then you will have the BBC on and watching the news to keep updated and informed. But maybee your not maybee your out playing golf going to the pub ! The advice is stay in avoid social spaces and this will save lives but many people feel that there one pint is more important than one life.

The government keeps praising the people, but Im not sure they are really looking outside there doors, nothing in the shops because of inconsiderate shoppers, people out drinking and partying and elderly and at risk people whom refuse to listen to the ADVICE. And thats the problem, its obvious that the PM doesnt want to make the call because of fears that hippies will stand up and shout "what about our human rights!" Well human rights mean nothing if your dead, some people are trying to do the right thing and genuinely making a effort to support neighbour's, family and friends. But this all counts for nothing if people continue to not comply which will only make this last longer. The reason China and Korea are looking at the other side of this pandemic is because they did as they were told. Looking through social media it shows thousands of people and businesses not adhering to guidelines and in some cases both advertising and encouraging people to break the advice, should these face fines or action later on ? Doing the right thing has always been a ethical problem, and given our history with regards to how we look after our low paid, elderly and vulnerable people you cannot expect people to suddenly change. This nation has become a consumer driven self promoting culture, while people lay on hospital beds I still get emails for holiday parks and golf equipment!! But dont worry its next day delivery ! I know I go on but I want my family to make it through this, and the actions of other people could effect them, that one person who wanted a pint could take up a bed which my or your child need !


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