Abu Dhabi 🔥🦅🏌️‍♂️⛳

Today was a massive eye opener for me, I watch alot of golf from europro to womens LPGA events and normally I am ok with faces and names, but today no ! This morning I was with Victor Hovland and Robert Karlson who we all know, but also a polish golfer called Meronk. What I can tell you about this guy is he is big 6 ft 5 maybee taller and also super flexible.

They all had issues from the start as the greens are running very fast, and the course is playing very tough, for some at least. My shot of this group was from Robert Karlson whos ball plugged in the 3rd hole, I wish I could have take a picture because the only way I can describe is to imagine only being able to see just the logo on a ball, then try to hit that while standing on a slippery bank !! So the morning was good 25 degrees no wind nice, tine for a little lunch and then back out again, this time with a group which included Lewis, Peiters and Norris?

Of course my arrival sparked a birdy streak by the very solid unit Mr Norris. Solid off the tee but for a man that could lift small countries uses the long putter on and around the greens, but I wont argue with the gent as he leads with a nice -8 start. Tomorrow is a manageable 9am start ( this morning was 5.30 am) and the weather is set to stay the same. Well played gents, time for a much need snooze 😴😴😴


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