A wet day in Scotland 👌👌

Day 1 of the official Solhiem cup and it was a wet one, very wet ! in fact it was so wet parts of the course were closed. After a few hours of showers some players came out for a little session. I saw Georgia hall knock her ball on in 2 on the 16th and watched Morgan Pretsel hits some amazing chips on the 14th. As all events there are teathing problems and issues that will be sorted during the week, but the place looks great and the standard of golf is high so let's hope this is a memorable week. It interesting to see that there is fewer beer tents than mens events, and there seems to be a more inclusive approach to the week. Will this translate into numbers, Im not sure, but with both the LPGA and the LET struggling for soectators and sponsors this event needs to be big.


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