A good Investment £££👌

Well lets start by saying Im not a estate agent, nor am I sponsored by locals businesses. But I know what I can see, smell and taste ! I have only been in Vilamoura for 2 days, I have never been here before so everything is new to me. It seems new, but old ? A place designed for retirement but also catering for the young. It is a great place, the beaches are made from the golden smooth sand you would normally buy for your kids play pen.

The sea is like everywhere in the Mediterranean blue,warm and crystal clear, which is why it is a great scuba diving area. But the most important thing is budget, this is a place that looks after the high rollers as well as the sunday savers.

You can buy the best villas or maybe just a single bed flat, either way your ideally placed in a area that is full of golf courses, nice bars and restaurants, long golden beaches. It is also clean, the roads and paths are well maintained and the cycle paths mean getting around is a pleasure rather than a chore. After being in Italy a week ago I have come to relax heaven.

Vilamoura 👍😍⛳


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