A good day starts, with a good breakfast  😛😛

Cue the dramatic 24 hour soundtrack.....6am get up a get ready to meet my team and assist in getting them to Petanque. Met the team and went for breakfast, I must say it was nice and the ladies serving, gave a geordie welcome 👏👏 after a coffee and a danish, we set off towards the sage. The journey was short but along the way we met up with hundreds of competitors. Thats when you know your at a big event. The competitors had a practice and then the brief. I have noticed that Petanque is quite dangerous, stand in the wrong place and you could have a steel ball in your noggin. I left my team to head towards close house and the golf. Although I speak little/ none flemish, golf is truly multilingual and its strange that all golfers seem to struggle with the same problems. I walked with my team for 9 holes to help them get to know the course. I seemed to have a good talent of showing them a hazard so they could put their ball straight in 🖓🖓 I left them to enjoy their day and Im sure I will catch up with them soon.


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